Here at Tiny Town we utilize the ABC Jesus Loves Me Curriculum. It is developmentally appropriate and activity based. It focuses on the fundamental skills children not only need to learn but are excited to learn while focusing on biblical truths. 

One year old's will: 

  • Be introduced to several Bible stories, poems, songs, and books 

  • Know first name & last name

  • Know 28 signs of basic words

  • Be introduced to 28 animals

  • Be introduced to various colors and shapes

  • Name pieces of clothing 

  • Increase in fine and gross motor skills

  • Name and point to body parts 

  • Learn basic obedience 

Two year old's will works towards:

  • Be introduced to and know several Bible stories, memory verses, nursery rhymes, finger plays, and songs which they can recall when prompted.

  • Know there first, middle, and last name along with there parents and siblings names

  • Know the name of there town and state

  • Say each letter of the alphabet in order

  • Be introduced to pointing and counting numbers 1-10

  • Be introduced to various shapes and colors

  • Be introduced to many books

  • Increase in fine motor skills 

  • Understand basic manners and self-care points

Three year old's will work on:

  • Have all the two-year-old objectives down plus

  • Know the name of all the uppercase and lowercase letters

  • Know the phonetic sound of all the letters

  • Be able to correctly trace all the uppercase and lowercase letters

  • Know by name and be able to correctly trace number 1-15

  • Be able to identify various shapes and colors 

  • Be able to demonstrate spatial concepts, sorting, and AB & ABA patterns

  • Be able to say the letters of their first name and write them 

  • Be introduced to many books

  • Continue to increase fine and gross motor skills

Four year old's will work on:

  • All the above objectives

  • Write correctly the lowercase and uppercase letters

  • Know by name and be able to write numbers 1-25

  • Patterns and sequencing 

  • Write first and last name

  • Be able to say full name, address, and phone number

  • Be able to politely answer the phone and call 911

We want to provide an environment and experience that will allow your child to learn that Jesus loves them and wants to be their forever friend, make a successful transition from home, learn to be with other children, develop social skills, develop an interest and joy in learning, develop self-control, a feeling of success, self-expression, creativity, and a secure feeling through trusting relationships.